Clyde Haulman 

Fax: (757) 221-2390 

Clyde Haulman received his B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. (1969) from Florida State University. He joined the faculty at William & Mary in 1969. He has been a Fulbright Senior Lecturer in the People's Republic of China (1985-86) and a Distinguished Fulbright Scholar at the Hong Kong-American Center in Hong Kong (1994-95). He previously has served as Dean of Undergraduate Studies (1989-93), Chair of the Department of Music (1996-97), Assistant to the President (1997-99), and is currently Chair of the Department of Economics. He teaches principles of economics and history of economic thought. His research interests include American economic thought, Chinese economic reforms, and the Panic of 1819.

Current Research: 
  • Virginia and the Panic of 1819, Service Learning in Economics



Selected Publications: 

  • Virginia Commodity Prices During the Panic of 1819, Journal of the Early Republic, 22, No.4, Winter 2002, 675-688.
  • Contemporary Chinese Nationalism and US-China Relations, Keio University "Forum 21" Proceedings, February 2001, 1-8 (with Craig Canning and Andrew Dickson).
  • To Touch the Trends' Internationalizing American Studies: Perspectives fromHong Kong and Asia, American Studies International, 34 (1996), 42-58 (with Stacilee Ford).
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Links and the Future of Hong Kong," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 547 (September 1996), 153-164. Reprinted in Hong Kong and China: Pursuing a New Destiny, Max J. Skidmore (ed.), Singapore: Toppan, 1997.
  • The Economic Implications of Enterprise Financial Autonomy in China, in J. Chold and M. Lockett eds., Reform Policy and the Chinese Enterprise, JAI Press, 1990. (with B. Abegaz). 
  • Hildebrand, Hilferding and Schumpeter on Economic Development and Financial Institutions, International Review of the History of Banking, 29 (Winter 1988), 255-266. (with R.G. Fritz).
  • Changes in Wealth Holdings in Richmond, Virginia 1860-1870, Journal of Urban History, 13 (November 1986), 54-71.